The HelpUp® AirLift is an Inflatable Fall Recovery Solution.  This is the ‘just in case’ capability that has been missing when the “Please help me I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!” call happens.  

It provides a convenient, safe, easy to use, lifting power for your caregiver to put you back on your feet without injury to either of you. There is a sense of urgency since being stuck lying or sitting on the floor for any length of time can be physically and psychologically damaging.  Lifting is accomplished quickly.

The first stage brings the cared for into a secure, completely supported, ‘sitting up in bed’ position.  This is a significant boost in morale that promotes an immediate sense of getting back to normal.      Beyond superior functionality and useability our design focuses on creating an emotionally positive experience.  Feeling frightened, embarrassed, helpless, disoriented, and a loss of self-confidence are critical realities with falls. The HelpUp® AirLift purposely looks different from the typical cold steel and lever solutions.  It’s softer shape and feel lessen the overall stress.    Falls can happen anywhere.  AirLift only weighs 23 pounds including its roller duffle bag, inflator and Hand Held Lift Assist. Now you can travel with renewed confidence.